Finance for Non- Finance

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﷼5000      Duration: 3 day

Financial skills and knowledge are vital for all managers in all organizations. Every business professional needs to understand the financial factors critical to business success. This interactive workshop will show how finance works in today’s multi-complex fast growing business environment.

For any business the key elements of profitability, liquidity and financial structure are critical to continuing success and competitiveness. So these three elements are comprehensively explored and developed at all levels of business activity. The workshop has an inward focus, and will explain why management accounting is essential to business survival, and success.

In a nutshell the workshop will help the attendees to understand the business from both financial and strategic perspective.


By the end of the program the attendees will able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the financial implications may lead to increase in profits
  • participants will be able to manage businesses ’ revenues, costs, profits and cash by raising financial awareness
  • Understand finance, allowing them to play a more active role in helping their organization achieve its objective
  • Use their new financial knowledge to make more effective decisions
  • Understand the language of finance and its financial terms
  • Understand and communicate better with finance departmentFACILITATOR-LED SIMULATION

This group experience provides the rules for the simulation, a general introduction to the process of business (financial statements, business terminology, fundamental business dynamics), and sets the framework of needing to manage separately for cash and profit.



Course Agenda

  • Facilitator-led simulation
  • Team competition
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Analysis of your company’s financial position

Program Outline

  1. Introduction to Concepts and Statements
  2. The Financial Analysis
  3. Financial Decisions
  4. Financial statements
  5. Cash operating cycle
  6. Costing and Bidding


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