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Electronic office management can be defined as a set of office activities that include planning and organizing in order to reach business objectives. These activities must be done effectively; and for that to happen, employees must understand how to improve their performance in order to achieve the best results. Employees must also adopt a customer focused attitude and manage relations accordingly. After all, a successful business is able to run its office activities efficiently as well as maintain long term relationships with their clients.

The course covers basic concepts in managing life at the office and improving customer relations. It tackles topics such as organization skills, communication skills, stress management, and decision making techniques.

The training / learning style of the workshop proposed in this outline, will be very focused on the individual participants – reflecting best learning and development practice. It will be highly interactive with various learning activities that participants will be required to engage in, all with a view to enhancing learning.

Program Aim       

This program aims to help general directors and executive assistants learn more about office management, develop their problem solving and decision making skills, as well as communicate effectively with customers and become valuable team players.

Program Objectives

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the job roles of managers and executive assistants.
  • Define an effective executive assistant and identify his/her characteristics.
  • Be a strategic partner in the team.
  • Learn about decision-making techniques and how to utilize them.
  • Communicate more effectively with team members and customers.
  • Develop written communication skills.
  • Manage working under pressure.
  • Develop ‘thinking outside the box’ techniques to problem solving.
  • Manage conflict and difficult people and situations.
  • Define Customer Service.
  • Learn to develop a customer-focused attitude.
  • Have an open discussion about their experiences lead by a facilitator.




Topic Covered:

  • The Role of the Executive Assistant
  • Managing Stress
  • What is communication?
  • What is an Effective Meeting?
  • Desk Management
  • Written Communication
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • What Is Customer Service?
  • Who are your Customers?


Workshop Structure

The Role of the Executive Assistant

Participants will learn how to define the job, analyze its specifications; and perform with professionalism and confidence. They will also learn how to identify different personality types in people they work with.

Managing Stress

In order to manage stress and work with ease, participants will learn how to prioritize and organize tasks. They will also discuss diary management, scheduling, and overall problem solving and decision making techniques. In addition, participants will learn how to manage team decisions and use strategies that make the process more effective.

What is Communication?

In this section, the instructor will focus more on communication, oral and listening skills, as well as negotiation techniques. Participants will understand more about body language, different communication methods (face to face/written/telephone) and the effectiveness and barriers of each method. They will also discuss how to heal with difficult people and communicate with them effectively to resolve issues.

What is an Effective Meeting?

Here, participants will learn about the characteristics of a good and effective meeting. In order to avoid meaningless meetings, the instructor will discuss more about meeting rules and procedures, setting an agenda, conducting meeting evaluations and writing meetings minutes.

Desk Management

Participants are encouraged to learn about office layout, ergonomics, and information systems. Moreover, they will learn about and develop skills in managing and organizing the paper load. A key focus will also be on writing effective emails and utilizing office technology for better results.


Written Communication Skills

Report and letter writing are crucial skills in the workplace. Here, participants will learn about different techniques of taking notes and writing minutes. They will also learn how to evaluate their written information, edit, and proof-read it in order to plan, organize, and coordinate more effectively.

Telephone Etiquette

This brief lecture will look at an ideal telephone call, from the greeting to the conclusion. Participants will also look at common situations, such as placing a caller on hold and taking a message.

What is Customer Service?

This session will define customer service and introduce the six elements of customer service. Participants will also learn about the first element: a customer service focus.

Who Are Your Customers?

In most organizations and agencies, customers take two forms: internal and external. This session will look at both types of customers, as well as all customers’ basic needs.


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