Loyal customer community is a key to business success. Not many business owners recognize the real issue. Most businesses still focused on ‘selling more’, ‘generating leads, ‘conversion’, ‘average bill’, etc. For the time being it was acceptable, but not anymore. Your business surviving only when it based on three pillars, – quality of product or service you provide, correct and effective marketing, outstanding customer service.

Either of pillars is important, any of it can’t be ignored. Only this way you can build loyal customer community which drastically impacts your business bottom line. Loyal customer A. buying more, B. recommending and advocating brand. Loyal customer generates you higher profits without any extra expense to marketing. Sounds easy as it is.

Customer service is one of the pillars – it can either grow or destroy your business in seconds. In fact only one person in your office or store can easily do so. That’s why customer service is so important.

To build an outstanding customer service you need:

1. Hire right people,

2. Train and develop talents,

3. Organize and maintain all the processes properly.  One of these points is not enough, only all three will work.

For many years customer service been recognized as top priority in hospitality industry only. The industry keeps higher standards in order to survive. That’s why we should keep this as an example and develop hospitality in every business. ‘It’s more about hospitality today, than business’. Everything is hospitality, hospitality is everything.

The pillars we settled up are the base of customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction forms customer experience, influence customer impression. It’s the factor that impacts loyalty directly and impacts business bottom line as a result.


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