Creating Viral Teams Training Series – Unleashing Viral Leadership

How do we create better leaders? How do we unleash that capacity an individual may have to take the best they have in them and not only present it in their work rather also give it to other people. How to develop viral leadership?

Boost Your Business results with Viral Leadership

How do I get better performance, results and people to give their best and ultimately how do I get that to multiply? This is where viral leadership comes: how do we develop and nourish the right leaders.

1.Perspectives on Motivation

What is it that makes people excited about things that they do. Think about a person who motivated you to do something and think about the qualities that person carries. Think about what did that person do which kept you motivated? We are motivated not by financial motives it’s the behaviors of the person that makes the difference.

  • Predicting BehaviorIf I understand that there are certain behaviors that provokes certain responses then I have behavior predictability. That is how you start becoming more productive and unlock your potential to improve your performance.
  • To Unlock The PotentialStart from yourself, describe the qualities of people who motivate you the most in your life, describe what they did which actually motivated you the exact action which acted as your motivation booster and ultimately, take some time to analyze and determine which of that characteristic/behavioral element you could duplicate in yourself.

    Once you have identified those behaviors place its against Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model and match those characteristics to which level of hierarchy those attributes fall.

    2. Leadership Styles and Performance

    Now the question is how I incorporate these attributes in my leadership style in a way that it positively impacts my performance and performance of my team.


    An instrument that help you understand how we deal or respond to the world. There are 16 different preferences categorized into 4 letters. Behavior is cognitive and difficult to be categorized. Even though it is cognitive, there are some natural preferences we all have; we all cross our arms in a certain preferred way. Therefore, under certain circumstances you have certain behaviors, which is your natural reaction. If we can predict how a person behave under certain circumstances, then it could really make it easy to predict behaviors and improve productivity this is what MBIT does.

    Once you understand their preferences you can rightly communicate with them and increase your productivity.

    3. Sustainable Leadership Strategies 

    To understand sustainable leadership we need to understand the basic concept of what is the difference between leadership, strategic leadership and sustainable strategic leadership.Leadership, inspire teams into alignment towards the vision, whereas, strategic leadership is to pursue a vision that keeps the team ahead of competitors and sustainable strategic leadership actually prepare the team to realign to an updated vision. In order to grow we must stay ahead of our competitors.Your Competitive Advantage
    Your People are the key to innovation; change is implemented in the organization at all level by the people.Top 3 Workplace Issues

    There are number of things that impede you to achieve the best possible out of your people. Lack of clarity, Waste and Conflict are the most common reasons among the rest.

    So the chain of impact ultimately leads to failed goals and objectives.

    4. Taking Leadership Viral

    How do we make the good staff spread throughout the organization? If your managers do not know by themselves how to manage it is impossible to have good staff all across your organization. The only way possible is to have better communication skills, management and leadership skills and ultimately you can sit back and enjoy your success with your people and make sure everyone feel valued and recognized.


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