Improve sales with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) involves perfect communication via learning the language of your own mind. Here, the term Neuro refers speaks of your neurology; Linguistic speaks of language; programming speaks of the way that neural language functions. It is a principle that businesses selling ideas, services or products adopt to improve sales.

Why NLP?

It is the dream of a marketer to enable prospects to clearly understand his/her message, and be motivated by it to take a favorable action that brings him/her sales. But, this is not at all an easy task. For, any message conveyed can be understood and interpreted in different ways by different people owing to the cultural, educational, psychological, and circumstantial factors influencing them.

To improve communication, sales and advertising specialists have come up with many techniques and ideas. One of these that has gained popularity in recent years is NPL. It has its broad influence in a variety of fields, from marketing and sales to psychotherapy and self-development.

History of NLP

Richard Bandler and John Grinder, alumni of the University of California (U.S.), first came up with the NLP concept in the 1970s, in their attempt to find more effective ways to enhance treatment for mental illness. The underlying ideology was to effectively make use of communication channels via a more specific comprehension of human behavior and the use of suggestive language.

The concept is to apply very specific words or sentences while communicating, so that it has an emotional impact on the audience and, as a result, causes a favorable decision. No wonder, despite the very little proof of the success of this approach, it became so attractive to marketers.

Improving marketing and sales via NLP

When applied to marketing and sales efforts, NLP can lead to interesting results. For, it makes you more aware of the importance of comprehending the way your message is interpreted by your audience. It includes the client’s visual perception, comfort factor, engagement, words used during communication, etc. And, it inspires you to consider not just what you say, but also how you say it, via monitoring your voice speed, tone, and body language.

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