Today’s professionals and executives need strong presentation skills. These skills are backed by confidence and organization. So, presentation skills development courses initially assist participants to develop confidence and organizing skills, and then move on to polishing your public speaking skills, especially addressing the media. Thus, you become a confident person equipped to deliver well-constructed presentations are speeches in front of a group of people, colleagues or media.

Supervisors, First Time Managers, senior corporate executives, Non-Managers, Senior Managers, government officials, Middle Managers and Front Line Managers would benefit from attending such a course. One such course is the Media and Presentation Skills for Executives master class offered by GBN Training Center.

It incorporates intensive on-camera media training sessions that enable participants to learn the art of communicating more effectively with the news media. It disciplines them to select and speak the right words to present their agendas, and keep themselves and their firms out- of- trouble while simultaneously moving forward.

The master class uses message development exercises, live-camera practice sessions, and video examples to teach participants-

Ø  Develop strong messages.

Ø  To adapt to the medium.

Ø  Determine what is radioactive and what is truly newsworthy.

Ø  Understand the audience demographics.

Ø  Avoid reporter “traps.”

Ø  Stay on the message using “bridge” techniques.

Ø  Take charge of the interview.

Ø  Improve speaking skills.

Ø  Dress right.

Ø  Choose an apt location for the interview.

Ø  Reinforce key messages using the right body languages and good eye contact.

Ø  Anticipate questions.

Ø  Positively advance an agenda by employing proper tools.

GBN Training Center uses case studies, a real experience, short lectures, group discussions, practical exercises, and knowledge sharing with industry peers to disseminate this kind of knowledge to the participants. These sessions are easy- to- understand and practical, and are delivered in English and Arabic. This course is offered in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, and Khobar. If you would like to attend this 1- day master class, and get certified, please contact GBNTC.

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