Performance management is the process by which employees and managers collaborate to organize, observe and review an employee’s work goals and overall contribution to the firm. Unlike an annual performance review which is carried out at the end of an year, performance management is a continuous process of setting goals, evaluating progress and providing continuous upskilling and feedback to make sure that employees are fulfilling their career goals and work objectives.

Performance management will

Ø  Be easy and practical to comprehend and use.

Ø  Align with the organization’s strategic culture and direction.

Ø  Cover different jobs in the organization, while specifically addressing each job.

Ø  Include a conjoint process for establishing objectives and reviewing performance based on an interactive session between the manager and employee.

Ø  Give a precise image of the performance of each employee.

Ø  Observe and evaluate behaviors and outcomes.

Ø  Set clear communication between employees and managers regarding what they are expected to achieve.

Ø  Identify and reward employees for their achievements.

Ø  Give constructive feedbacks for jobs requiring improvement, and positive feedbacks for well-done jobs.

Ø  Provide development and training opportunities in order to enhance performance

Ø  Identify poor performing areas and come up with ideas to improve their performance.

Ø  Support employees in accomplishing their career and work objectives by identifying development opportunities and training needs.

Ø  Support admin in its decision-making pertaining to rewards, compensations, promotions and terminations.

GBN Training Center offers a 2-day master class on Performance Management, which will help candidates develop several performance appraisal instruments using the principles and practices of recruiting, managing, aligning, motivating and engaging employees. Here, candidates will evaluate the effectiveness of various evaluation methodologies and develop apt instruments for various levels of their organization.

This master class includes case studies, short lectures, group discussions, practical exercises, areal experience, and knowledge sharing with industry peers. Human resource managers, staff employees, line employees, department managers, specialists, senior department managers, department supervisors, technicians, team leaders, labor representatives, and customer service personnel would benefit from attending this course.

These sessions are easy- to- understand and practical, and are delivered in both English and Arabic.

Course Link  :

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