Motivation is the psychological force that commences, leads and maintains objective-oriented behavior. A motivator is the reason why we do the things we do. In workplaces, one of the biggest concerns of managers is how they can motivate their subordinates. Before determining this, managers need to know what motivates them.

Motivational assessment tools helps you find the right solutions by providing you with info regarding the types of environment, activities and tasks that motivates an individual. In contrast to personality assessments which determine what an individual can do, motivation provides insight into what a person likes doing and what he or she needs from a role in order to be engaged and successful. And unlike personality and ability assessments that provide insight into the suitability of an individual for a role, motivational assessments provide insight into the degree of suitability of the role for the person.

A person meeting all the requirements for a particular role may seem like a perfect match. However, if the role is not motivating to him, he will perform as poorly as or worse than an unmatched candidate. Ensuring a mutual match between a role’s requirements and a candidate’s needs enables making precise hiring and upskilling decisions.

Motivational Assessment is a 2-day master class offered by GBN Training Center.  It helps participants cultivate the unique and fundamental motivating factors which are common to all human beings. The variation in a person’s particular nature is derived from the particular motivators which are of prime importance to that person, and the specific order of their priority.

So, before delivering this master class to the candidates enrolled, a psychometric assessment is carried out on them, and personalized report of each participant is generated. On the basis of these reports, this master class will be offered to present the different types of motivation found commonly among the groups and in the individuals. The knowledge gained therefrom can be specifically useful to comprehend the dynamics of effective team selection and team building.

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